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About Us

Our Story Begins

In October 2011, Nehlsen GmbH of Germany in partnership with a Ghanaian local engineering company (HEHOA Project Engineering Co. Ltd) established Nehlsen Ghana limited. This company, which was a subsidiary of the parent company Nehlsen AG of Germany but now a 100% Ghanaian owned company,employs all the technology and operation methods of Nehlsen to transfer the know-how of Nehlsen to Ghana and other West African countries. Main activities being undertaken by Nehlsen Ghana then, were sewage sludge and septic waste collection and safe disposal from private and industrial clients such as Nestle Ghana, Fanmilk Ghana and Wilmar Foods Africa Ghana a few years ago, but the company has diversified and changed it objects to focus on Thermal and Renewable Energy generation as well as Waste treatment for value addition. One of the subsidiaries of Nehlsen Ghana Ltd is Nehlsen Ghana WtD Plant Ltd which is developing a project to build the first waste-to-diesel (WtD) plant in Africa at 240 million litres per annum capacity.

Nehlsen GmbH, an internationally operating German waste management company, has extensive experience in the collection, treatment and management of a broad variety of municipal and industrial waste, either of non hazardous or hazardous nature. For more than 8 decades Nehlsen strives to suit the clients’ needs and to carry out professional and sustainable services. Being among the 5 biggest waste management companies in Germany, Nehlsen now operates from more than 60 locations in Germany, Europe and Africa. Around 4,000 employees generate an annual turnover of approximately EUR 420 Million (2018).

In the field of municipal solid waste management, Nehlsen covers today the entire range of services necessary to cope with the most recent challenges with respect to technical standards and legal requirements.

Nehlsen collects waste not only in densely populated urban centres but in very remote areas, too, including some islands in the North Sea. As well as in the field of sorting and treatment of waste, Nehlsen is experienced in the whole set of technologies available to deal with municipal and industrial waste (except radioactive material). Plants operated by Nehlsen include, sorting plants, mechanical-biological treatment units fermentation plants, power plants and waste incinerators. Additionally, to the above-mentioned services, Nehlsen offers to industrial clients to take care of their internal waste management and provides services from the cradle of waste generation in industrial processes thus guaranteeing an utmost high recycling rate of materials.


Nehlsen Ghana limited is a company that is based on the traditional values of its founders and has a forward-thinking approach to achieving environmental sustainability;offering cutting-edge solutions and providing services to clients for waste and resource management. From collection through treatment to safe disposal, plant planning, engineering, procurement, construction and operation.


To be champions and part of the pioneers working to ensure that waste in Ghana in particular and West Africa as a whole has a value and no more considered as waste or nuisance causing entity.

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People with ideas and experience to develop a vision for the future.

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