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Treatment of Organic Waste

Treatment of Organic Waste

The treatment of organic waste, such as green waste, food waste or animal by-products, represents an important aspect of our closedloop waste management concepts.

Treatment Process

The process of treatment begins with the collection of waste. The waste can be in either of two forms: wet organic waste(Slurry, Food and Slaughterhouse Waste) and dry organic waste(green waste).

The collected waste now goes through the process of either composting or digestion. The end products of these process then yields to a compost or energy.

Service Industry

Work Process



Our open windrow or enclosed-system composting processes produce high quality compost and soil conditioner. Under the flormaris ® brand, Nehlsen offers a range of products from our various composting plants.



Anaerobic digestion of organic materials produces biogas containing methane and carbon dioxide. Biogas may either be used in combined heat and power plants or fed into the national gas network.

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